Regional Conference „E-Commerce and Postal Services“

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Regional Conference on e-commerce and postal services, organized by the Republic Agency for Postal Services (RAPUS) and held  under the auspices of the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications and Ministry of Finance and Economy, took place on the 5th and 6th of June 2013 in Arandjelovac. The opening speeches were held by Stefan Lazaravić, State Secretary at the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia and Dragan Djordjević, Chairman of the RAPUS Board.

The Conference gathered officials of the competent Ministries of Romania, Bulgaria and Serbia, as well as representatives of public postal operators and regulatory bodies for electronic communications and postal services from Germany, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Montenegro, Republic of Srpska, Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Representatives of the private postal operators, Customs Administrations of Slovenia and of Serbia, Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering and Faculty of Technical Sciences from Novi Sad also participated in the work of the Conference.

05062013arandjelovac-200On the first day of the Conference, the themes regarding E-commerce in connection with postal services were presented. The introduction lecture, Future regulatory topics, was held by Ulrich Dammann, Chairman of the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP) and representative of the German Federal Network Agency. Especially important were the experiences of the Post of Slovenia, regarding the automation of their operations in the Customs post office, with the minimum number of customs officers involved in the customs clearance of postal items, performed in collaboration with the Slovenian Customs Administration. The good examples also came from the Post of Croatia, where EU-driven harmonization of customs procedures with postal items took place, as well as the experience of the Post of Serbia, in respect of its new service Post Export – export of goods from small and medium enterprises.

arandjelovac06062013-200The second day of the regional conference highlighted the interdependence of e-commerce, postal services and consumer protection. The introduction lecture was held by Ljiljana Stanković, Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications. Among the most interesting presentations were those about the EU Green Paper on the e-commerce development, consumer protection in Croatia in relation to the new Postal and Electronic Communications Act, and e-commerce in Serbia accompanied by numerous, mostly legal, obstacles and challenges.

Regional cooperation in the e-commerce segment is particularily recognized and supported by the Universal Postal Union. The UPU Postal Operations Council strongly values regional cooperation, encouraging the Governments, postal operators, regulators and our competent Restricted Union, CERP, to favour strategies which clearly identify postal sector as one of the key participants in the domain of e-commerce.

Presentations from the Regional Conference on e-commerce and postal services, held on June the 5th and 6th in Arandjelovac, can be downloaded from here:


VIDEO presentations
 WEDNESDAY, June 5, 2013
PowerPoint presentations

Regional conference
„E-commerce and postal services“
stefan lazarevic

State Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia 
E-commerce environment and its development trends in Serbia"
dragan djordjevic

Chairman of the Board of RAPUS
Ulrich Dammann

Chairman of  the European Committee for Postal Regulation

pps Future regulatory topics (189 KB)
Marjan Osvald

Head of the International Postal Sector
Post of Slovenia
Zdravko Fajl 

Executive Director of the International Affairs Department
Croatian Post
Bojana Nikolic 

Head of the Courrier
Express and Parcel Division
PE of PTT Communications „Srbija“
pps Post of Serbia – SMEs’ export of goods (2.41 MB)
Barbara Gregoric 

Head of the Customs Office Ljubljana
Customs Administration of the Republic of Slovenia
pps Slovenian Experiences in Cooperation between Customs and Postal Services (447 KB)
Ljubisa Mitevski 

Head of the International Cooperation Department
Postal Agency
Republic of Macedonia
pps Regional developing of e-commerce - barriers and solutions for development of cross border postal services at regional levels (1.22 MB)
Estera Rakic 

Executive Director
Croatian Post
pps Impact of the e-commerce development on the postal market in the Republic of Croatia (1.12MB)
Diskusija prvi dan  DISCUSSION 
 ЧЕТВРТАК, 6. Јун 2013. године
Ljiljana Stankovic 

Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Foreign and Internal Trade and Telecommunications of the Republic of Serbia
pps E-commerce in Serbia (601 KB) 
Simona Bratusa

International Cooperation and Sales, Post of Slovenia
pps Green paper on the Internet commerce development (4.81 MB)
Marijan Bolaric 

Member of the Board
Croatian Post and Electronic Communications Agency
pps Consumer protection in the postal sector of the Republic of Croatia (657 KB) 
Slobodan Markovic 

ICT Advisor, SIEPA
pps E-commerce in Serbia – challenges from the practice (3.72 MB) 
Olga Mancevska 

Head of the Legal Department
Postal Agency
Republic of Macedonia
pps Activities of the Macedonian Postal Agency for improving the legal framework affecting e-commerce (279 KB) 
Slavko Djumic 
Vice Chairman of the Board
Republic Agency for Postal Services
pps E-commerce and postal services (1.89 MB)
Ognjen Obrenovic 
Informeri L.L.C.
pps - Web Shop does not have to mean discount (1.46 MB) 
zavrsno izlaganje Dejan Djurovic 
Member of the Board
regional conference
„e-commerce and postal services“