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RAPUS Annual Activity Report for 2012

rapus vesti engRepublic Agency for Postal Services (RAPUS) presented its Annual Activity Report for the year 2012. In the previous year, more than 330 million postal services were provided in the Republic of Serbia, representing an increase of 4% compared to the year 2011 and showing the same steady growth trend as in 2011, compared to 2010.
Over 95% (315 million) of the services provided fall under the scope of universal service. The commercial service growth rate (23%) considerably exceeds the universal service growth rate (3%).
In the total PPO’s postal services volume, universal service accounts for 98,4% of the services provided. The share of the reserved services within the USO is 97%, or 95 % in the overall postal services. Participation of letter post items in the total postal traffic is 97%. The reserved letter post services cover the same percentage (97%) within the total letter post traffic.
The PPO had an income of around 8,5 billion dinars (67%), while private operators earned around 4,1 billion dinars (33%). The PPO’s income growth rate is 3%, while the private operators’ is 16%. Total income growth rate in 2012, compared to the year 2011, is 7 %.
The postal sector’s participation in the total number of employed persons in the Republic of Serbia is 1,32%, whereas the share of the postal services in the country’s GDP is 0,37%. 

Universal Postal Union's POC and CA sessions


PosTel 2012

vest1The 30th anniversary of the Symposium on Novel Technologies in Postal and Telecommunication Traffic, PosTel 2012, will take place on the 4th and 5th of December 2012, at the Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering in Belgrade. The Symposium is organized by the Postal and Telecommuniacation Department of the Faculty. Co-organisers are: Public Enterprise of PTT Communications "Srbija", "Telekom Srbija" j.s.c., Republic Agency for Postal Services (RAPUS), Republic Agency for Electronic Communications (RATEL), Serbian Chamber of Engineers and Telecommunications Society. The Symposium is sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development.


The 25th UPU Congress has ended

181012-doha2On October the 14th 2012, ended the 25th UPU Congress in Doha, in the work of which took part more than 2000 delegates from this international organization’s 192 Member countries.


Postal Market Review

vest1During the first 6 months of 2012, postal services in Serbia increased by 10,04% in volume and by 8,79% in revenue, compared to the same period last year. The commercial services growth rate revealed to be higher than that of the universal postal service.