UPU POC and CA meetings

upu-newsRepresentatives of the Republic Agency for Postal Services took part in the meetings of the Postal Operations Council (POC) and Council of Administration (CA), held during the second half of April 2013 in Bern, Switzerland. This was the first gathering of these two Universal Postal Union’s (UPU) bodies, since the 25th Congress in Doha.

Within the POC, special attention was paid to the work of Committee 2 (Markets Development), addressing the methods of trade facilitation between member states and examining strategic role of the postal sector in the market economy. Participation was also realized in the work of the Committee 4 (E-services), where the Congress made four important resolutions to be further elaborated and implemented by the designated working groups of the Committee.  

During the CA sessions, the participation was focused on the work of Committee 1, dealing with management and regulatory issues, such as: reform of the Universal Postal Union, UPU Acts and other topics pertaining to regulation.