Conference on Postal Economics

Rutgers-Conference2012On May 30 through June 2, 2012, the 20th Conference on Postal and Delivery Economics, organized by Rutgers Business School from Newark, was held in Brighton, U.K. The Conference was dedicated to the challenges of the postal market in the era of digital communications, in an environment of fast decline in letterpost volumes and conventional services, and postal industry’s decreased revenues and increased operational costs.

Lecturers from all around the world presented their analyses and solutions in the fields such as universal service in digital age, legal reform and future regulation, strategic considerations for the postal sector and the methodology for the caclulation of postal service costs.

Furthermore, a great number of public postal operators has not yet gone through the phase of privatization, which represents an important step in the development of the modern postal market. Until then, regulatory bodies must provide, by means of their decisions, that postal operators make their business operations efficient and viable, allowing them, at the same time, to choose their own market performance strategies.

Besides the professors of the most prestigious European and worldwide universities, participants in the Conference were also operators (Royal Mail, La Poste, DHL, TNT, Bpost, Poste Italiane, US Parcel Services, Posten Norge, New Zealand Postal Ltd...), regulators (Ofcom, Arcep, Bundesnetzagentur, US Postal Regulatory Commission...), representatives of the Universal Postal Union, consulting and research organisations (Oxera, WIK, Swiss Economist, Copenhagen Еconomist, London Еconomist, KPMG, Nera, Frontier Еconomist etc.), as well as the representative of RAPUS.

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