International cooperation

Regulatory Agency for Electronic Communications and Postal Services, as National Regulatory Authority (NRA) in the Republic of Serbia, has a strong cooperation with the International Bureau (IB) of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), the European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP) and the European Committee for Postal Regulation (ERGP).

The Agency representatives take part in numerous UPU meetings, related to the issues of vital importance to the postal regulation, in various CERP activities and Working Groups, and as observers in the work of ERGP.

The Agency maintains cooperation with all international entities in the domain of postal regulation, especially with postal NRAs in the region.




(Universal Postal Union)

Established in 1874, the Universal Postal Union (UPU), with its headquarters in the Swiss capital Berne, is the second oldest international organization worldwide. The UPU became a specialized agency of the United Nations (UN) on 1 July 1948. As such, the UPU contributes to the development of UN policies and activities that have a direct link with its mandate and missions to promote social and economic development. With its 192 member countries, the UPU is the primary forum for cooperation between postal sector players. It helps to ensure a truly universal network of up-to-date products and services. In this way, the organization fulfils an advisory, mediating and liaison role, and provides technical assistance where needed.




(European Committee for Postal Regulation)

The European Committee for Postal Regulation (CERP) was established in October 1992, under the umbrella of CEPT (European Conference of Postal and Telecommunications Administration). The role of CERP is to examine postal regulatory affairs in a European context, taking into account the changes in the borderlines between regulatory aspects and operational aspects in this domain. CERP assesses the influence of international regulatory policies in all CEPT countries and establishes the necessary contacts with the European Union in the postal regulatory area, with a view to developing a common approach to these issues. Furthermore, CERP establishes and maintains relations with representatives of relevant international and national bodies and associations concerned with postal regulation issues, and develops proposals, where appropriate, based on the results achieved by its Working Groups.




(European Regulators Group for Postal Services)

By the decision of the European Commission of 10 August 2010, the European Regulators Group for Postal Services (ERGP) was established, with the task to advise and assist the EC in consolidating the internal market for postal services and facilitate the consistent application of the regulatory framework for postal services in all EU Member States. In this context, ERGP serves as a body for reflection, discussion and advice to the Commission in the postal services field. It facilitates consultation, coordination and cooperation between the independent national regulatory authorities in the Member States, and between those authorities and the Commission. In 2011, the group established five sub-groups, which deal with the following issues: allocation of common costs, net cost calculation of universal service obligation, end user satisfaction and monitoring of market outcomes, cross-border products and network access issues.